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The Fusing Technique is based on molten glass overlapping colored glass on a glass base, following a specific design and playing both with texture as with colors, fusing them together at a temperature above 800° C.

With molds we can shape the glass plate (thermoforming technique). When the glass reaches the specified temperature, it loses strength and we can mold, manipulate and give the texture we want to create unique pieces.

The resulting glass compositions are original and unique in color that can be used both indoors and outdoors and can have the level of security required by the client. Joining the piece of molten glass with laminated safety glass, stairwells, skylights, stained glass for interior doors in either paneled as whole glass, kitchen furniture, table tops, cabinets, partitions separating rooms, countertops for bathrooms ...

The use and design options are endless and we offer our workshop necessary for the customer to find what you need and want advice.

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