Leaded Stained Glass / Tiffany technique - crissol.com

Leaded Stained Glass / Tiffany technique - crissol.com

Leaded stained glass technique consists of the composition of glass of different colors and textures together with metal material, traditionally lead patterns following a previous design.

The crystals used in our projects are imported LAMBERTS SPECTRUM, WISSMACH DESAG... Which gives our windows the texture and color you need. Some of the windows require grisaille enamel and baked to achieve the necessary effect.

For material fastening we work both lead and copper and tin (tiffany) giving a double function to attach the crystals and taking advantage of drawing the different thicknesses of lead and copper to give more importance to the line. The windows can be adapted to any space, you just have to find the right design, that's why the client participates early on in the production of the piece, with a choice of glasses that you like at all times.

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